Featured Project 2


               Our customer wanted to unload barges at a rate of minimum of 750 tph, which is not anything special.  The problem came in where they want to span a distance from the dock across to the sea wall with no supports until past the sea wall.  So with the help of KPIJCI’s engineers they designed a truss frame conveyor that could span the required distance and move 750 tph of material.  The next requirement was a large hopper that an excavator could easy hit swinging back and forth while unloading material or a conveyor could feed into easily while on a spud barge rocking back and forth from the motion of the excavator feed a hopper on the spud.  So a nice 12’x 12’ opening hopper was designed with the short legs possible so the cycle time on the excavator would be short as possible.

               The system was designed with three access points.  One on the dock and two on the dry side of the sea wall.  The two on the dry side have vertical ladders because of the fact to clear the sea wall the conveyors had to be at a certain height and it made more sense to leave them at the elevated height instead of huge transition drop points.  Also the two conveyors were going to feed an existing telescoping conveyor which has a high feed point. Our customer is able to unload 750-800 tph of material clear the sea wall and feed the existing conveyor in a very safe and easy accessible way.



Products Used

        12 x 12 Hopper

        36 x 260’ truss frame conveyor

        36 x 240’ truss frame conveyor

         Weigh shark belt scale